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Fort Worth Endoscopy Center Procedures

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Knowing What to Expect

Preparing for surgery can feel overwhelming or scary if you don’t know what to expect. You may have some unanswered questions and worries that make you feel this way. Knowing what to expect will help you feel less nervous and more in control.

Medical Procedures

A partner of SCA Health, our center is AAAHC certified meeting the rigorous standards to ensure quality, safe and efficient patient care. We strive to make our facility a family friendly atmosphere, so you and your loved ones can have a stress-free experience.

  • ColonoscopyThe Colonoscopy is a common, safe procedure that examines the lower intestinal tract called the colon or large intestine.  A flexible tube called an endoscope, is used to view images on a video monitor which will assist in identifying potentially precancerous growths, also called polyps, so that they can be removed before they turn into cancer. The colonoscopy is an important tool in the prevention of colon cancer which is very treatable when caught early.
  • EGD – The upper endoscopy procedure, also called an EGD,  allows your doctor to examine the upper portion of the gastrointestinal tract.  This includes the esophagus, stomach and duodenum (first portion of the small intestine). Your doctor will use a thin, flexible tube called an endoscope, which has its own lens that will allow the physician to view the images on a video monitor.